November 11, 2010 First letter from England

Yes I am in England now. And I must say that it is a bit different than I thought it would be. After I called you, the flight went very well with no mishaps at all. On the plane next to us there were many English people. We talked to them all and got very similar responses. One asked us what an Elder was and we explained to him what it was, who we were, and what we were doing. Upon hearing that he chuckled, then told us good luck because the English people don't like religion unless they are catholic. Other people told us basically the same kind of things. They were all very nice about it, but we caught the drift that it was going to be hard to find people to teach. I have found that very true so far unfortunately.

When we arrived in the airport and found our luggage we walked outside and we had three Elders waiting for us. They were the AP's and one who was recently an AP, but we found out later that he was leaving the next day. They then took us to the President's house, or the 'Misssion home' and we had something to eat. He then talked to me and Elder Peterson about our mission. He told us that we had been chosen or called to be 2 of 4 Mandarin Missionaries going to the Manchester mission. The mission had been made in April, so we are the forerunners of the Chinese speaking misssionaries in the Manchester mission. That is really cool and scary at the same time.

The President (Bullock) then took each of us to have an interview and explained to me that we would be going to one of two places, Preston or Liverpool. Truthfully that did not mean much to me. He told us that we would find out the next day who our trainers would be and where each of us was going. Talk about anticipation.

We then went to the AP's flat (apartment) and took a 3 hour nap because we were dead tired. The flats are interesting by the way. The one we were in was quite nice, as are all the others I have been in thus far. After our nap we had dinner and were out into the night to go contact some people. (It gets dark very early here in the winters, around 6) We went into the city of Manchester looking for Chinese people to talk to. We didn't actually find any, but we didn't really have much time.
We did talk to a couple people, none of which were interested in the least bit. Then we met a woman who was going to school and was from Latvia. So she had an interesting accent. We asked if we could teach her more, and excitingly she said yes. She took us to her flat and we taught her for about fifteen minutes. Unfortunately we didn't have much time so we invited her to read the BOM and told her some other missionaries would be contacting her. (In her area). This was very exciting to us, we had finally taught a real lesson.

The next day we received our trainers. I was told I was going to Liverpool and would have two companions. Elder Smart from Sandy Utah, and Elder Jin from China. I was stoked to have a native. The problem is he doesn't like speaking Chinese because he wants to work on his English. The trainer Elder Smart is great though, different, but great. I should be able to learn a lot from him.

I love you all!!
Elder Fawcett

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