June 29, 2011

Some fun things that I have done this past week.... Zone Conference was truly incredible, sad, but incredible. Then on Monday we went fishing with one of the Recent Converts in the ward. He loves his fishing. After all was said and done we ended up catching 7 or so good sized fish, using live eel bait and casting into the sea from stony rocks. It was a blast and another one of those experiences I did not think I would have being on a mission. Later the Member told us that we had picked the worst day possible to go fishing with stormy clouds and 30 mph gusts of wind. Every time we cast the line would fly back at us. So we had to add twice as much weight to conteract. I have not cast a line in quite a long time. It was worth it. Then we got tricked by the library closing at 5:30 so that is why we are emailing today. Sorry. :)