November 22, 2010

This last week was much better and I am getting a little more used to the life of a missionary. Yes I still have a long ways to go before I feel completely comfortable, but at least I am progressing right? It really has been a lot better and was made amazing by the email I just read. I can't express my thanks (especially in words in an email) that I have for you my family. I greatly appreciate your love and support and the advice that you have given and will give. It means so much.
This week was very busy and there were different things that happened that don't usually happen every week, like Zone Conference. I Loved Zone Conference! It is so nice to sit in a room with a group of missionaries who are filled with the spirit and the love of the work. Somewhat different than walking down the street with people who won't say hi to you. :)
President Bullock is a very inspired, and very strict mission President. No I don't understand all the rules that are in place, but I do appreciate the intensity he has for missionary work. He really loves the work and wants us all to love it too. And yes dad, I try to be exactly obedient no matter what the rule is. :) The missionaries here are truly exceptional. I had no idea that there was such a large group of missionaries devoted so much to the work of the Lord. It gives me something to look up and forward to.
This week being very busy we taught 20 Lessons overall, and found 10 new potential investigators. This for England is very very good. I put most of our success on our trainer and his ability to teach and work hard, and then all of it to the Lord for seeing that, and blessing us with people to teach. We have 2 investigators who have a firm baptismal date, 2 others with less firm baptismal dates, and we are also teaching two families. Unfortunately they are both leaving on vacation for much of December so we will not have much progress in that regard. I just hope and pray they will continue to read the BOM and pray.
All of those investigators that I mentioned are Chinese. So that makes me doubly happy. It is good to know that I am fulfilling my calling and also shows that this Church organization is truly inspired of the Lord. Unfortunately many of the Chinese if not all are trying to learn English better so they speak in English as much as possible. Haha, so I am learning still, just not quite as fast as I would like. My Chinese companion Elder Jin does not like speaking Chinese to me still so it is hard. I am trying to put forth a greater effort in only speaking Chinese to him though. I know that will improve my Chinese faster than anything else. The other unfortunate thing is that during the day, if there is one thing that is sacrificed it ends up being Language Study. I don't know what to do about that though, so I try to learn new words during the day. Hopefully by the end of my mission I can speak some Chinese. :)
At Zone conference I was able to see my MTC companion Elder Peterson and unfortunately he is having a harder time than I am adjusting to the new life and the new environment. It was a nice relief to talk to him and the other new missionaries and see that they are just like me. President Bullock congratulated me for "being normal" when I said that it was going pretty rough. So I don't feel too bad now. :) Now I just need to stop being normal.
This next week will be another crazy week with fun events and many lessons. On Tuesday we are having a Chinese meeting with all the Chinese missionaries in the Manchester and Leeds mission. So that is going to be super cool. I will be able to see Elder Peterson again and many other Chinese speakers, maybe they will talk to me in Chinese. :) It is nice to know someone (Elder Peterson) from the very start of my mission to the very end. Whenever we see each other it is another happy reunion, and we get to see the changes in spirituality and maturity. Plus we can relate really well to how we are feeling.
This week we also have a Sports day on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and then afterwords we are going to the Ward Mission Leaders house for Thanksgiving dinner. Remember he is American. It is weird to think that no one celebrates Thanksgiving here, such a foreign idea. Haha, but I will celebrate it in my heart and remember all the reasons why I am thankful. Because I have many many many things to be thankful for. My family being up there at the top. ;)
So everything really is going well now. I am starting to know my way around Liverpool better, still can't read the map very well though. Haha. Starting to get a better relationship with my companions and really do appreciate my trainer. Though I did just find out that somehow I don't have any money on my mission card so I will have to use my visa debit card until my card gets reimbursed. So don't worry if you see some money being taken out of my account. It is slightly annoying though. The month isn't even close to being over and I already have to use personal funds. They said they will be fixing my account very soon though. So hopefully that happens.
I love you family!! Have a great week everyone, remember the Church is true. So be happy. :) Thank you again Mom and Dad for your email. It really did make my week. I love your advice and think of you in my prayers every day. 
I love you!!!
Elder Fawcett

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