February 21, 2011

I was on an exchange with Elder Merl from Austria and we talked about our friends and how they were doing wherever they were. He explained to me how back home he wasn't the best person and didn't always do the things he should have. Those things were done with a particualar group of friends. When he righted the ship and moved away from doing certain things his so called friends jumped ship and left him to his own way.

This is such a testimony to me of how your true friends are the ones that will accept, respect, and also appreciate you and your values. Those who don't are not worth keeping around. Remember my young brothers and Sisters, you have a sure foundation from the gospel, keep it that way and help your friends build theirs. They will thank you in the future I can testify of that.

This week we had some interesting experiences with different people with different views. We had some run-ins with anti's who told me I was an angel of the devil and then later that day I was called a false prophet and to go back to America. It was a lot of fun. :) Some people are so crazy and I seriously had to laugh at what he was saying because it was ridiculous. Then another interesting experience was when a man stopped his car in the middle of the road and threw a BOM at us saying it was not true and to once again go back to America. I don't know what it is about everyone who thinks I am American. :) Do I look American or something?!

Truthfully though, those experiences are the ones that make the work go easier. When people are just crazy like that you know that you are doing the right thing and that anything they say won't effect your work. I love being able to be a missionary, no I don't love all of the persecution that comes with it. But the persecution comes with the opposition that MUST come when the truth is there. So in a round about way I am saying that opposition means success WILL come.

This week we were able to see an investigator really grow in the light of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Her name is Sun. She has had a hard time wanting to come to church but we have been able to get her there these last two weeks and she has been blessed because of it. Her whole attitude towards what we teach her has changed and she appreicates our visits and what we teach her more and more. Sometimes we have to prod her along but she eventually moves by herself. It was funny because she asked me what I was going in to when I am done. I said maybe business and she replied that that would be good for me because of my powers of persuasion. Haha, yes persuading men to do good is a good feeling to be sure.

You asked about Max? Well fortunately he is doing much better with smoking. Only 1 or 2 a day. But he is losing the desire to stop smoking and to truly meet with us. Yes he enjoys our visits and likes it when we come over, but he doesn't like them for the right reason. Not for the spirit or the learning. But for the cool Americans who happen to speak Chinese. Unfortunatley we have told him that unless he shows his commitment and comes to church we can no longer teach him. Please keep him in your prayers that he will have that desire to come and learn for the right reasons. Thank you.

Well I must now come to a close. Know that I love all of you and that I am keeping you in my prayers. This work that we are a part of is very true and very real. God plays a role in our lives and we would do good to appreciate that role and thank him for it. Sometimes I don't do that as much as I should, but being a missionary sure makes it easier to remember him in our lives and realize that so much happens because of his love for us. The most important thing to remember is that the faith we have cannot lie dormant if we are to continue to progress. Faith is a principle of ACTION!!

I love you all very much, good luck with this upcoming week!!

Elder Fawcett

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