June 20, 2011

It sounds like besides Girls Camp this week was fairly uneventful in the Fawcett family life. Mine has been quite busy and all over the place. On Wednesday we went on the Ferry from the Isle to the Liverpool docks. I felt like the old saints who left England from those very same docks, almost 70,000 of them. Then we worked the night in Liverpool my old stomping grounds as a new missionary. It is strange to think how much I have changed and grown since November in regards to missionary work. Now I actually know what i am doing. Sort of. :) We then had Interviews and Trainings with President and Sister Bullock. This was the last interview I would have with President Bullock and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This upcoming week we have Zone Conference and then they leave on the 28th of June. It will be strange to all of a sudden to have a new mission President. In most ways  I am sad and almost disappointed, but I do know that President Preston will ahve the keys and will lead us in the way we need to go. It will be interesting to see the transition take place. We are all curious to see how many policies or rules will be changed as well as the mission vision.

We then left for Warrington and worked there for a day and a half. Then that night I went and worked with a new missionary in Hyde while Elder Sturt and other missionaries went to a baptism in Newcastle. Now we are in St. Helens with two more missionaries and things have been going well. We will go to Zone Conference on Wednesday, stay in Manchester that night and then take the Ferry from Heysham back to the Isle. Home sweet home. :) 

This past week has fairly crazy with us coming to the Mainland, and we have been able to have blessings and small miracles while serving for bits at a time in different areas. While in Liverpool Elder Sturt and I had an hour to go out and street contact. During that hour we had a number of QGC's and a Lesson on the spot. I marvel sometimes at the small gifts and blessings our Father in Heaven gives us. Many times I don't appreciate as much as I should, but come to realize how thankful I should be for this opportunity to meet many new people and share with them a new message. I have also enjoyed the time spent with multiple other missionaries, being able to speak with them, learn more about who they are, why they are here, and what they like to do. Often we don't get that kind of time and it was a good experience to strengthen our relationships with those that we were staying with.

This last week despite the fact that we were off the Isle of Man we were blessed with four investigators at Sacrament meeting back in the Douglas ward. I am excited that those we are working with right now have their own motivation and desire to go so they can feel the spirit and learn more about Jesus Christ. We called them all on Saturday night and reminded them that even though we as missionaries would not be there in the ward, they were not only welcome but encouraged to go and partake of the sacrament. We called the members on Sunday night to see who went to church and were a little surprised but very enthusiastic about the fact that all of those we called went and even better they enjoyed it. Probably one of the best results of this event was the time the members were able to spend with the Investigators without the missionaries in the way trying to make sure everything went well. The members were very welcoming and helped them feel at home even though for some of them there was a large language barrier. I am very appreciative of the members of the Douglas ward and the outreach they put in to help others grow.

Besides the business of the schedule, nothing too exciting happened. Next Monday I will explain more of what I learned from the Bullocks in their last meetings and as well from the past 8 months. Sorry for the shortness of the letter, but time is calling. Thank you for your prayers and support!!!

Love you all,

Elder Fawcett

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