July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July Family!!!!!

Don't we live in such a wonderful country?!? Isle of Mann Included.... sort of. By the way Kjanela, unfortunately we will not be able to attend any part of the Tynwald celebration, (even though it is the longest staying government in the world) because we will be on a Ferry to England. We go to Zone Conference with our new Mission President and as well so I can drop Elder Sturt off and bring a new missionary to the Island. We still don't know who that new missionary will be, but he sure is lucky. :) The Isle of Mann weather has been brilliant these last few weeks. I don't know why seeing as it is only 20 or so miles away from Scotland and England, and they have been pretty wet recently.

Not too much has happened since Wednesday, but that just makes it possible for me to go into more detail of what did happen. :) Something interesting: this last Friday we had a wonderful opportunity to teach 10 people at one time consisting of 3 families, 5 of them below the age of 11. Talk about crazy. This was the first time I had had to teach a family and it turned out being 3!!! We of course had to teach a bit differently than you normally would to a University student. This is what you would call adapting and teaching to needs. It went well and we have a return appointment for this next Friday same time. Some of the adults were prepared well to hear the message of the Gospel. It was amazing to be able to teach families in a real home. There is just something special about family homes. The spirit is much different and it feels much more comfortable. I thought that was a very interesting and important point. Families just FEEL right!

As I have mentioned before, we are teaching a young 23 year old man named Kris. We tracted into him on the first full day I was on the Isle of Mann, and since then we have been able to teach him often and see him completely change in front of our eyes. Just yesterday he came to Church dressed in a white shirt and tie with black slacks. This after seeing him for the last month in nothing but track covers and a nike beenie. He truly looked like a different person. Like I said, of all the people I have taught, Kris has been by far teh most prepared person. He is quite intelligent as well. He was reading in the Book of Mormon and picked up on things that I didn't even get until I was 18 or so. He is someone you would call a thirster of righteousness.

Something that has been different in this teaching process as well has been the relationship we have been able to gain with him. He has continued to open up more and more the more we teach him. He trusts us and we trust him. We are actually good friends. Don't get me wrong, I ahve been friends with all of the other people we have taught, but this is on a deeper level. Maybe because we can both speak fluent English. :) Whatever it is, I have welcomed and enjoyed it. We went and had dinner with him a couple of nights ago and later today we are going to go to the driving range with him and hit some golf balls. Then later we will take him to The Sayles house and teach a lesson and have a Manx 4th of July meal!!! Woohoo!!! The Island is too much fun! Sometimes I think that I am having too much fun for being a missionary. Fortunately I have come to realize more and more that not only is it more enjoyable to have fun doing the work, but it is more effective and you are more successful.

Last night Elder Sturt and I hosted a Fireside for the ward based on the Image on the Isle of Mann Flag. As you know it is three connected legs. Our topic was unity and we explained to them what the three legs of unity are and how it can help them in every aspect of their lives. Whether it be with family or work, young or old or any other situation. We promised them that if they applied these three points into their lives they would not only be more unified, but of course happier with themselves as well as those around them. The first leg and point we gave them was Service. (We had spray painted with a stencil the Isle of Mann symbol on a two fist sized stone. On each leg the marked the point we gave them) We talked about Ammon and how service helped him become unified with a whole city. Then we talked about Forgiveness and how it pulled people closer together. Lastly we talked about Gratitude. Just as we promised them, I can promise all of you, that if you apply these three points into YOUR lives, your lives will be more enriched and much happier.

I love you all and hope you have a great 4th of July!! Onward & Upward!!

Elder Fawcett

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