October 5, 2011

The crazy news I have means I don't have much time today to write... again... This past week truly has been great here in the Stretford area. A perfect way to send Elder Chan on his way to Widnes. Yes Elder Chan is leaving me again... I have been asked to train a new missionary which means the past two days have been very busy with many meetings to get ready for the new curriculum they have for new missionaries. I have now been with my new companion (Elder Esposito) for 2 hours and all is going well. besides the lack of time of course. He is from Italy and speaks no English, pretty much literally. All he knows he has learned in the last 3 weeks in the Preston MTC. Either God has a really funny sense of humor or I really need to learn something from Elder Esposito.

I am a little apprehensive for the transfer and training because we only have Chinese investigators and none of them speak Italian. And He does not speak any Chinese. :) Fun Fun is what I like to call it. What a learning experience for both of us. Lots of praying si what we will be doing. Every day with Elder Chan we only spoke to Chinese because there were so many of them. Now taht has to change to help Elder Esposito with his English and also to learn to ways of the missionary.

I am confident that we have been put together for a reason because there is always a reason for these type of things. Now I just need to find out what it is. Maybe by next Monday I will know. Maybe.

Well Ilove you all, have a great week and please pray for me, I'll be praying for all of you!!!

Elder Fawcett

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