January 23, 2102

This past week was one that was thoroughly enjoyed! We were able to speak to many more Chinese students and teach them about the Gospel as well as invite them to the Chinese Activity on the 28th. Elder Eggers and I are very excited for it! The Liverpool area has been blessed tremendously over the past few weeks and months and we are still seeing great miracles with the work here in the Liverpool ward. As you know we had 3 baptisms in the ward on Saturday, one from every companionship and we are looking forward to their continued growth in the Gospel with this new step they have made. Ryan our Chinese Investigator is very happy with the decision he has made and we have
already planned on using him to fellowship with specific other Chinese investigators. We also have 5 other investigators dated for Baptism here in the Liverpool ward!

Elder Eggers and I have been able to learn many key principles since we have been put in charge of the bulk of the Chinese Activity Planning. One of those being the importance of delegation. We were
discussing how we were going to do this all by ourselves while at the same time planning for our training at the Zone Trainings. Then we realized that we didn't need to do it by ourselves. Not only would delegating some of the planning eliviate stress and pressure on us, it would give the other missionaries an opportunity to learn and grow for themselves. As leaders it is our primary responsibility to work with the needs of others while helping them steadily progress and improve.
One of the ways to do so is to teach correct principles by example and then give them opportunities to apply what has been taught. Once again, Elder Eggers and I are very very excited for this Chinese
Activity. We feel that it should be put in the Ensign. :) Seriously though, we feel that this is a big step in the Chinese work in the Mission and we are happy to be a part of it.

This past week I had a wonderful chance to be on Exchange with Elder Tellem and Elder Sumner. It was really strange to be on exchange with two Elders at once, but it gave me a new experience and more possibilities for me to learn from Two elders at the same time! I served with Elder Tellem previously on the Isle of Man and was happy to see the progress he has made in the time since. Also I came out with Elder Sumner into the mission but since then have seen little of him and have never had a chance to speak to him about how everything was going. Once again, I was grateful to see the success he has had in the mission in strengthening others and himself as well.

Elder Tellem never ceases to amaze me with his ability to work with members. All members know who he is because he makes himself known by his ever positive attitude and desire to be everyones friend, which he is. He has love for all people he speaks with and can connect with anyone no matter their background. Such a great example of Charity the pure love of Christ. The greatest strength I saw in Elder Sumner was his astounding knowledge of the Gospel along with other knowledge. Whether it be science, history, english or computers, he knows his stuff and has an incredible ability to teach simply while using that vast well of knowledge. He has a strong testimony of the Gospel and
especially the Book of Mormon which makes him an even more powerful tool of Heavenly Father in this work.

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