April 16, 2012

A couple of things, last sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to go
to the Mission Home Fireside where Recent Converts bore their
testimony, i don't know if I told you this already, but it was
amazing. Sun Wei Di was there and he shared all of the story even
parts I didn't know about when we first met him to where he is now,
thinking of going on a mission.

Also we had a chinese missionaries meeting to pass down all of our
knowledge to a piece of paper (binder) so that the new missinoaries
coming in will have it. There are eight planned to come in but, seven
of those will be after I leave. ;( It is really sad it wasn't planned
a bit better, but we will see how much we can do to prepare for their

Also on the 28th of April, Joey ZHong is going to be baptized here in
Liverpool, so more to come on that. Keep him in your prayers please.
Last thing, this weekend I will be on the Isle of Man with Elder
Eliason, who is one of the assistants right now. We will be on a three
day exchage back in one of my old areas!!! I never thought I would be
going back there anytime soon! There are some things that President
Preston would like to work with the ward with, and because the Isle of
Man is in our Zone and I already know the area and the ward he asked
if I would go. And just as great is that I will be able to serve for a
bit with a previous companion in Elder Eliason. He is a truly amazing
missionary who I have a lot of respect for. If you remember he follow
up trained me.

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