June 6, 2012

Your right it is transfer week... The first thing I want to say is how
excited I am to stay here in Liverpool for yet another transfer. No
you didn't read the words wrong, I AM staying here in Liverpool. This
will be transfer number seven and counting... I love it! There is
quite a bit going on and I am excited to stay a part of it. Working
with Elder Cai for another transfer is going to be fantastic and I
look forward to the continued learning and growth that will take
place. We have evaluated this past transfer and have now written down
the things we would like to do better or get done in this next one.
Many of our goals and plans are in regards to working with the ward
and getting them more involved in the Chinese work. We hope that the
upcoming National YSA Conference here in Liverpool will be a good
opportunity for the Chinese members and investigators to mix with the
local members. We are going to be working with Elder Hoare to see how
we can help.

The past week has been all about firsts, and unfortunately they are
not very good firsts. We started out by locking ourselves out of our
flat on an exchange without our keys, phone, planners, pens, my
namebadge, and any proselyting materials to our names. Lets just say
it was an interesting three hours before we got into the flat again.
And all that because Elder Chan and Elder White needed a Japanese Book
of Mormon... Then that same day we were teaching a 24 year old chinese
girl on a bench in a park when about 3/4 of the way through the lesson
we (Elder Marjanen and I) were bomb attacked by a bird. It completely
messed up my shirt, tie, pants, face, and hair and Elder Marjanen got
hit on the back. Fortunately the girl was not hit one bit. She felt
really bad about it but lucky at the same time. We tried to tell her
it was because God loved her so much. Haha.

The next day Elder Cai and I witnessed a major car wreck, on Friday we
got a flat tire on our car with four missionaries in it who forgot how
to change it so we waved down a taxi driver who did it for us. Then to
top it all off, during the baptism of one of the Chinese students a
member of the bishopric answered his phone on the stand while a talk
was being given. We'll just say that by the end of the week Elder Cai
and I were not about to be surprised by anything that would happen,
except for me staying in Liverpool of course. :)

To be honest, I am slightly frustrated right now because it seems that
I have hit yet another road block in learning Chinese and it is really
getting on my nerves. I don't know what it is, but I feel as if I
can't speak very fluidly anymore and my sentences are all jumbled.
Elder Cai and I have spoken about it but don't know why it is so
difficult right now. I will just have to continue on and push through
it. Oh how I wish I could understand everything that is being said in
Lessons and that I could fully answer peoples questions in Chinese.
One day it will come I am sure, but I just wish it were now. It just
makes me even more grateful that I will be staying with Elder Cai for
another transfer. So here we go!

Right, so I don't know what the office told you, but it sounds like I
will actually be flying out on the 23rd. That is a day earlier than I
told you last week I think, so I don't know if that changes any of
your plans. The evening of the 26th? Haha, cutting it a little close
are we? You don't think I have lost enough sleep already? Well, if me
going home for your selfish reasons is what you want, I guess that is
ok, I don't have much say in the matter, the senior couples in the
office would side with you and not me anyways.... :) I think the few
days I am in Arkansas I will need some help obtaining some essentials
before I head off to Provo. I don't really want to attend school in
missionary attire for the first few weeks or without any computer or
phone. I don't know how much material I left there in Arkansas, but I
don't feel like it was much.

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