July 19, 2012

Well I am sure you would like to know where I went for this transfer. I have been moved to nowhere. I am staying in Liverpool for yet another transfer! I wonder how many more transfers I can stay in Liverpool after this one. To be honest I am quite relieved to stay here, I am grateful for the time I will have here. One part of me can't believe I am still here in Liverpool and the other part feels like it is exactly the way it was supposed to happen. It could go without saying, but I love Liverpool, I really do. Elder Reynolds (my new companion) and I are excited for this transfer. Elder Cai was shipped back to Manchester. I am sad to see him go despite his craziness.

It will be interesting to balance teaching Chinese people and teaching other people now that Elder Reynolds is here and next transfer we are going to need to do a transition with all of our investigators over to the Sisters. We don't want to leave Elder Reynolds and his new companion starting from scratch if I happen to leave, so we will teach both Chinese and anyone else from now on. The other great opportunity is once again learning how to effectively teach in unity with your companion when he does not speak a lick of Chinese. I am confident we will work it out. He is a great missionary. He is from down south in England, I think he said North Hampshire. Maybe. He is my first English speaking companion so it will be a good change of scenery.

We are also excited to have two new missionaries come into our Zone. As has been said many times, new missionaries bring new blood and enthusiasm to the work. That coupled with their faith they are strong weapons in the Lords hands. Both Elder Norman and Christensen look prepared and ready to work hard and diligently, and it is great to know that they are in good hands with their trainers. We look forward to going on exchange with them and learning from them. We sat down with the sisters on Sunday to talk about the upcoming Chinese activity and put together some ideas. When we get it more figured out I will let you know what we will be doing. All is going well here, I am happy where I am doing the Lords work.

Unfortunately time is up for today, we have a lesson to get to, so I will have to more fully share what is on my mind of late on Monday. Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the sun, because I am not due to the constant rain. Summer my foot...

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