Haha, Happy Halloween it is!! And I must also agree it is a new exprience living in the MTC for Halloween. Can't really say it is a sponge for trick or treaters or anything else like that. You wouldn't have know it was Halloween until that night when one of the members in the zone had 4 pumpkins sent to him and they carved them and everything. It was really interesting. I can't say I am too bummed about being in here for halloween, It never was one of my favorite Holidays. I feel bad for those that will be here for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. (The new Elders) Luckily we get out for both, though I don't think they really celebrate it in England. :)

This week flew by soooo fast I couldn't believe it. It is now coming down to the wire, though I am going to be real thankful to get out of here. Just a couple of things that happened this week. Remember how Russel M. Nelson came and talked to us last Tuesday? Well, we got another Member of the 12 this Tuesday. Elder Richard G. Scott. We all feel so lucky to have been able to hear both of them here, plus sing in the Priesthood Choir. I feel so special. All my friends told me they went and watched the singing parts of the Priesthood session and were soooo excited to see me. So I thought that was cool. :)
With Elder Scott this Tuesday we had a couple really neat experiences. First he told us at the beginning of his talk that he had prepared an experiencing the Witness of the Holy Ghost Sheet that we would all get at the end of the night. This sheet had many of his past experiences with the Holy Ghost and tips and advice on how to best feel and use the Holy Ghost. This was sooo cool. How often to you get a personal sheet of paper that has a General Authorities impressions and experiences about the Holy Ghost of his whole life?!? He also did something really unusual with using his position as a General Authority. 
He invoked a blessing on us three times. Well one was specifically to the Sisters. (He seemed really biased to the sisters which I thought was really cool, gives me a good example of how to treat sisters) He blessed them with protection, and health. He then gave us all an Apolistic Blessing to have confidence in our call as missionaries, and the with the Gift of Tongues. I was in awe. He pretty much doubled the power of the Gift of Tongues so long as we keep the covenants we have made. And I don't know if it was a placebo effect but this week has been a LOT better in regards to the language.
I have a question, I can't remember, but are all the Members of the 12 ever together at the same time? Also for the kids and family, I have been watching the Mormon Messages on LDS.org and they would be perfect for FHE or any other kind of Lesson. Especially "Voice of the Spirit" by James E. Faust. Very helpful in my life.
The TA was good (Where we teach our lessons in Chinese) it was my best and favorite so far. I just want you all to know that this gospel is true, and that if you ever have any doubts, Read the book of mormon and then get down on your knees and pray. And Moroni's promise will come to pass.
Love you all,
Elder Fawcett

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