October 25, 2010

Everything is going well with me. To a point at least. The language is coming along, the words seem to be easier to memorize now for some reason though they are still hard. The Lessons in Chinese are going well. I must say, taht when it comes to most gospel topics I can talk mostly in chinese now. It is somewhat broken up Chinese with wrong tones perhaps. But it is Chinese nonetheless. :) Now the hard part is expanding my knowledge of the vocab and Grammar and actually using it. As of now I know quite a bit of Gospel Vocab, but I really only use half of it because I don't know how to use the other half or it just never comes up. And as we all know, when you don't use somethign you are bound to lose it. So SYL is a big thing. But hard because you can't SYL about the gospel all day. Just doesn't work. Really thought the language is coming along fine, except for the understanding when someone who can actually speak it talks to you part. That is really hard. :)

Yes I know woman is God's supreme creation, but sometimes they sure don't act like it. Though the sister missionaries who do are some of the coolest people and best missionaries you will ever meet. Like Sister Hyde for example. She is such an awesome Sister and I love talking to her when I see her. She actually treats me like I am another person even though I am 2 years younger and of the opposite sex. Unfortunately my District members like giving me a hard time when I talk to her or other sister missionaries. haha. Oh well.

The other day I was outside with my companion and we were studying when I looked up and saw a girl walking towards us. I was like that girl looks very familiar. Then I realized that it was Amy Jennings. I don't know if you remember her very well. She was the Red head who came to my farewell. It was kind of weird/interesting to see her, seeing as I am not supposed to for two years. But it was nice to see someone from the outside world. She actually volunteers speaking Spanish which is super cool.

These last couple of weeks have been really great in regards to other members of the Zone. I have gotten to know the ones leaving in our group a lot better and it has just made me realize how many amazing people and examples there are out there. There are quite a bit of Elders coming back to BYU that I am really excited to see after the mission to see how they have progressed and changed. I have really recieved a greater sense of love here at the MTC. It is almost impossible not to with all the people here and the environment we are in.

I see Jeff often and we are stiill planning on roomming together after the mission. He seems to be doing well, with some exceptions with companion problems. It seems that everyone has those though. I must say taht I really love this work and teh joy and happinness that it brings to our family and everyone else. I can't wait to be able to bring that to other people whoever or whereever they may be. I ahve been having the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Temple every Monday and it is just a great time to feel the spirit and relax from the things of the outside world for a while. Today I did endownments for my friends ancestors and it was a really great experience. I have also done sealings and initiatories (spelled that wrong). Both of which are amazing.

I love this chance I have to be serving a mission for the Lord, and not to make you feel bad or anything, I have not really been homesick. NOt that I don't miss the family, just taht I know I am here for the right reason and wouldn't want to be anywhere else BUT here at the moment.

Love you family!!!!
Elder Fawcett

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