January 10, 2011

This week HAS been a splendid and spiritual week, along with one of the best of my mission. There was nothing super spectacular, just a combination of events, experiences and feelings of the spirit that made it great.
As I already told you I was sad to see my trainer "dad" Elder Smart leave Liverpool and me and Elder Jin behind. It was sad, but it allowed us all to gain new experiences to help us learn and grow. We were able to show him around the city and introduce him to the ward members which helped me take a bit more responsibility and learn to trust myself.
Elder Eliason and I get along well, then again I think elder Eliason gets along with everyone. But he is helping me to become more bold and to sharpen my teaching skills. He is also a very good mediator between me and Elder Jin, something that i need to work on, because like you said dad, you tend to lean towards the people you get along with and that just creates stress and problems between the other. So thank you for pointing that out as well.
This week we were super blessed to find many many new investigators and we had many appointments. So it was hectic, missing a few dinners here and there, and we were completely tired (shattered in British) at the end of the night and mornings. But truly it feels so good to know you are doing your best to serve the lord and help others in any way possible.
I was able to go on companion exchanges for two days with my District Leader and I learned a lot from him in regards to keeping your head up and just doing your best. He is a great District Leader and I feel so grateful to be surrounded by missionaries really striving to be sacred. That is something that I really love about my mission here, the EMM is one of the most obedient missions there is which is largely in part to President Bullock. I don't mean to brag, but I truly think this mission is special and I feel it is because of President Bullock and the vision he has that most of the missionaries have caught. This mission is helping change my life now and forever.
We had a Zone conference that outlined the goals and the mission plan for the upcoming year and I am excited to be a part of it. Thank you parents and family for helping me become what i was before my mission to prepare me for my learning. I am constantly told I am ahead of the game as a missionary only in my 2nd transfer and I know that is because of the way I was brought up to love the gospel and to work hard.
Sorry to cut the letter short and not explain too much that happened this week, but time is short. Just know that I love and appreciate every one of you and that each of you need to have a good week for me ok? Ok. By the way dad, I have borrowed your quote "Life is good because the gospel is true" for my mission standard. So thank you for that!
Love you all,
Elder Fawcett

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