January 17, 2010

First off, I am sorry something so boring as my weekly letters is the highlight of the week! I feel bad because most of my weekly letters are completely the same now. Went out finding, taught lessons, found new investigators and wallah! There is the week!! :) Haha, I hope that they don't seem like that to you, but just in case I will try to think of more unique or specific items to talk about.
Well for this week.... There is not much new that has happened, but I will try to make it slightly interesting for your sakes. :) Tuesday we had a District Meeting with the focus being on planning. It was a perfect focus for me because our daily and weekly planning has been a little less than good. Our main problem has been planning with exactness and with one purpose in mind. Also one of my three goals for this upcoming year is better specific planning. Once I get down all the specifics about how I will go about completing it and my other goals I will let you know.
On our way to that District Meeting we were a bit late (again) so we were running and Elder Jin hit and edge and twisted his ankle. So we ended up carrying him the rest of the way to the meeting and back home. So we ended up having to stay in that day. I took advantage of that time to study some much needed Chinese. We got him crutches and we were back at it the next day. A bit slower than usual, but back at it nonetheless.
I than had the opportunity to go on another exchange, but this time with Elder Sanders (Elder Moses our DL companion). He came out the same time as me and it was nice to work with him and to help each other out with our goals and improvements. We were up in Crosby and boy did we talk to some crazy people or what. Twice Elder Sanders almost got hit before we booked it out of there and then half the time people were yelling at us. It was a lot of fun. :) It is really interesting to see how people react to you talking about God. It seems to be a subject most people get REALLY uncomfortable with and that results in anger. They figure what does a 19 year old punk in a suit trying to help them out think he is doing. I think I will just yell and swear at him until he goes away.
Unfortunately because of my slightly sarcastic attitude and frustration I say things that I probably shouldn't say. For example: Hello ma'm, we are sharing a message about how God has a pla... Swearing mingled with yelling.... Well ma'm I am only worried about you and your families salvation. Escalated swearing and yelling. Then I leave. :) Then the man next to us had heard us and I try to talk to him and he says leave me alone in a less nicer way and I said, "are you going to yell at me as well." The answer was yes. This world is full of very old babies. :)
I know I need to control myself, but sometimes it is so hard. :) This week was hard at first. We were dropped by all 11 of our new investigators from last week. Then we were blessed because of diligent efforts with 6 new investigators, 3 of which are super solid. I testify that God helps those most who work hard and help themselves while calling on his name.
The other thing this week I really learned was the importance of attitude once more. Lately it has been hard with Chinese and the lack of speaking thereof and I was having a bad attitude towards it and that was effecting my missionary work as well as my companions. I was then chastened because of the love my companion Elder Eliason has for me, and now I know and understand now more than ever the impact attitude has on your life. Now I have recommitted to working hard, and working hard with a good attitude.
I hope everything is going well for all of you and that everyone is having a great week.
I love you all, keep the faith!!
Elder Fawcett

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