February 7, 2011

You were excited to hear about my transfer? I sure wasn't. It is hard to leave your area especially if it is your first area and especially if it is Liverpool. Liverpool was and is amazing and hope I get to go back there. Preston is a bit different than Liverpool that is for sure. It is much smaller and a University town. That means that most the people there are students and there are not too many of them. I have had a new experience of five or so people in a row just blowing right past me because they know exactly who I am because they have talked to us fifteen times. Fun stuff. Haha. No, we don't get to go to the temple any more than any other missionary does. The temple is actually in Chorley, not Preston, and yes it confuses me too why it is called the Preston Temple.

As of now it is kind of hard to tell you much of anything about the people we are teaching here in Preston because I am new and the record keeping has not been very good. One of the hardest things of a foursome is that people fall through the large cracks between the companions very easily. We are working on fixing the problem they have had in the past. Right now we have 3 progressing investigators. One whose name is Wayne who is from Northern Ireland is doing very well, I have not been able to teach him myself but he is great. Very excited with all the new things that he is being taught and is looking forward to his baptism on the 26th.

The next person is Sun. She is a Chinese student who I have still not met yet but supposedly she is really good. One of her main problems that I would ask you to pray for her about is her lack of enthusiasm in anything. She doesn't have much motivation to do anything and has a hard time being excited and all there during lessons. I hope she can continue to read and understand how the gospel can help her in her life.

The last is Liu. Once again a Chinese student studying International Business Communications. He was dated for baptism but we had to push it back another 3 weeks because we found out that he doesn't really have a belief in God and doesn't know how to find one. We shared with him the importance of Faith and Prayer and how he can find out for himself. He said he wanted to know for himself and that he would really try. He came to church yesterday but left after Sacrament Meeting because it is really boring for him. He doesn't understand a lot and he is a university student. I can't blame him too much. I
would ask you to pray for him to read and pray for himself so he can find out for himself.

The ward here in Preston is good. Not the strongest ward, but those that are there really seemed to enjoy it. I have been told that it is really hard to get the members to come out with us, but I hope we can change that here soon. We were able to do a role play on how to give out pass along cards. Hopefully that and the talk on missionary work from the Bishop will get them pumped to go DO something. The slight problem is that there are 6 missionaries in a ward of 60. That makes it hard to spread out the labor and have enough to go around. I am really looking forward to getting to know the ward members better and once again making good relationships for the rest of my life.

Preston is small as I said and we are only ever around the University area looking for Chinese students. We end up talking to alot of the same people again and they are starting to get annoyed with the continued efforts of us to talk to them. This is fun challenge that I look forward to tackling. Hopefully because we see people multiple times we can get good relationships with them. Hopefully. :) Also Preston is much much much rainier than Liverpool. It has rained constantly for the last two days and I have gotten soaked through 10 times now. I love it!! Kinda. It is a good thing I have a coat now,
thanks again!!

So as I told you, we are in a foursome with Elders Moss, Peterson, and Chan. We switch off companions every day depending on who needs to teach what. When we have a chinese investigator it usually ends up being me and Elder Chan or me and Elder Peterson. This has been a great challange for me to learn how to become more of a leader. How to take control of a lesson and guide it along best for the investigator. It has also been a test and builder of my chinese. I have already noticed a little change in my progress in Chinese because I don't have a fluent companion to rely on. Hard, but fun and rewarding at the same time.

I thank you for all of your love and support and letters. If there is anything I can help you with let me know. :)

Love you all,

Elder Fawcett

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