February 3, 2011

Short letter today because of time. Sorry for forgetting to tell you that transfers were coming up, but now you know they have happened. :) And yes I was transferred to Preston. Now I can say that I have gone through the worst part of my mission as of yet. Saying Goodbye.... I just hate goodbyes and this one was especially hard. I am going to miss the recent converts and members and my companions very much, but especially the recent converts. One of the recent converts Haoran cooked dinner for me and gave me a card. I in return gave him one of my BYU T-shirts. :)
Well I don't have too long, but a brief overview of what has happened. I am now in Preston in a foursome. Yes you read it right, a foursome. Who would have thought? I am now back with Elder Peterson, my companion from the MTC, Elder Moss and Elder Chan from Hong Kong. Unfortunately his Mandarin is supposedly worse than mine. Though he is working on it and should improve a lot faster than myself. I will definitely miss Liverpool, but new experiences await me here in Preston. I was able to help plant many many seeds in Liverpool and I know Elder Eliason and Elder Jin will do all they can to bring in the Harvest. Many souls will be saved because of their valiant efforts.
I hope that everyone is having a great week and that you will all be safe but have fun in all your doings. Keep your heads up and know that I love you, but more importantly the Lord loves you.
I love you all,
Elder Fawcett ( Elder Tap)

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