April 20, 2011

I am sorry to say that I have little to no time to write my wonderful family this week because of transfers, but I will copy and paste what I wrote to President Bullock. I am staying here in Preston but surprisingly will lose Elder Chan as my companion. My new companion is Elder Cofone from Trinidad and tobago. Spelled that wrong. I am looking forward to this upcoming transfer. It will pose many challenges, but along with those challenges will come the blessings.
This last transfer has been a splendid one indeed. We were able to see many miracles that came from hard work and diligence but also from the 40 day fast the mission has been doing. I have truly felt the spirit of the mission grow stronger as we have all been sacrificing some of ourselves for the betterment of the mission. The transfer brought many trials and struggles but I have been thinking about Paul V. Johnsons talk from conference that all of these trials and pains are for our sole benefit and welfare. God understands what we can stand and need to stand in order to become what our full potential is.
Elder Chan has been an amazing companion to say the least. The greatest thing about Elder Chan was his constant positive attitude that was completely contagious. Whenever something would go wrong he would always say something to lighten the mood or just make me realize that it does not really matter. This positive attitude is something that I will be working on more in the future and it will help to be able to look back at Elder Chan and mine experiences and laugh. I am looking forward to this next transfer with Elder Cofone and learning new ideas and tips from him.
Along with this next transfer I have a number of questions. As you probably know the Chinese work here in Preston is slowing down quite a bit and seeing as Elder Cofone is not a Chinese Elder was it your intention to have us broaden out farther than just the University area? Also with the lessons that we do teach to the Chinese how much should I be trying to involve Elder Cofone into the lessons? Would you prefer that I only speak Chinese where I can, or to make it a half and half effort? Thank you for your love and support as our mission President. I am thankful to know that we are led by someone receiving revelation from the Lord.
I love you all and hope that in your busy lives you are still remembering the most important aspects. The Gospel and our family. I know you taught that well when I was growing up, please continue that progress.
Keep up the good work, Onward & Upward!

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