First letter from the MTC

Now onto the MTC experience!! So when I first got here, we drove up, Jeff parked on the curb and then I got my bags out gave him a hug and said thanks for the last couple of days and then I was gone. Then the next two hours or so we received all our materials and everything. I must say the first couple of days are extremely overwhelming!!!

It is really hard here, but I love it, we learn so much in the gospel and also in the Language. To tell you the truth I get discouraged quite a bit and it is really hard to stay positive, but I know I need to. I thought I had an okay background of the language, but I don't at all. I figured I would be one of the most knowledgable missionaries in my district but 3 of them have lived in China, and two of them had high school and college experience, so I am one of the last ones. There are three of us that are really struggling. Unfortunately two of them are me and my companion :) We have a lot of work to do that is for sure. The food is ok at the cafeteria, not the best but not bad. Just one thing I wanted to let dad know is how he told me to be 5 min. early to everything. That is very much impossible, let alone be on time. I know it is only the first couple of days and we have crazy schedules, but it really is not possible, they really book your day with so many different things.

Well I HAVE to get off now I have a minute left. You will have to tell me the Score to the BYU game this last weekend I don't knwo what happened. I could hear the cheering during my GYM time and it was killing me. That was the first of the outside world I heard and it was hard.

Thank you so much for your supoort. I love you!!
God be with you!!

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