September 12, 2010

Well the language is coming, but I would not necessarily say well. I am actually surprised at how hard it is, I don't know why, but the tones are killing me! The days go by so fast here, trying to fit everything in from studying the gospel and the language, and every night I feel like I am not learning enough, and am not where I want to be. But like you said, I am trying to stay positive and have faith that it will come.  
The food is good, the friends are great, and the atmosphere is even better. It feels like every day is Sunday but not at the same time, and there is no change from day to day so Sunday feels the same except for Sacrament. I can see why some people go crazy here, but I like it so far, and know I need to be here for a while for a reason. My companion says we are being brainwashed and losing our personalities when we don't laugh at his jokes during study time, but it is all good. We all really love eachother and feel a brotherly connection, especially within my room, the 4 of us are getting along really well besides little things here and there.
I wish that we had more GYM time, we end up really only having 45 minutes a day to have GYM just because the schedule is so tight. It is a good stress reliever though. Me and my district play softball! Haha yes I know, softball? But it is really fun, I almost wish I played in High school! I am pretty good ;) That always makes it better. We have not gone to the Basketball gym because they are redoing some stuff. So I am really looking forward to that.
Love you,
Elder Fawcett.
Fang zhang lao.

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