May 23, 2011

Well I honestly must say that this week has been quite uneventful. There was one experience that I did want to mention though. Elder Cofone and I had the opportunity to teach an older Chinese woman about age 40 in Chorley on Thursday. First you must know that Chorley is in a completely different Zone than ours and we are only allowed because I can speak Chinese. :) It was a referral from the office. This chinese womans name is Lucy. We actually taught her on a bench in the courtyard of the Church of England. Slightly Ironic.
She was very excited and happy to learn more. She doesn't believe in God. Yet.... She really wants to better her English and meet new people that she can become friends with. Those will just be side effects of finding the true Church of Jesus Christ. :) We met with her again at the Temple on Saturday and showed her the restoration DVD. She LOVED it, she was going to go to church on Sunday and take her son as well. I don't know if she did yet though. We will teach her a few more times and see how she is doing from there and then pass her fully off to the Zone Leaders in Chorley.
One of the greatest things I have learned thus far on my mission is the Charity or Love that I feel towards the people of China. Through working with them I have come to experience even more of their culture and realized more of the way they grew up and why they believe what they believe. It is amazing to find that essentially they are all the same in that they just don't really know or even care if God is there. They were brought up knowing and expecting nothing from God. As my companions and I have been a part of the wonderful teaching adventure and the process of changing with these Chinese investigators, my love for them and their fellow country men has increased. I am ever so grateful for this unique opportunity to be teaching them about their Heavenly Father in the place of my family roots.
This week I have learned yet another valuable lesson in Mosiah about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. In the talk by David A. Bednar on the Character of Christ he emphasized the fact that Christ would not have been able to sacrifice himself for us unless he was who he was. Not him being the Son of God, but who he had made himself into by making specific and correct choices his whole life. As he emphasized the word ACT in ChACTer it led me to think of the culture of our mission here in The EMM. We have been taught correct and profound principles leading us up to making the choice of whether or not we want to BECOME something. If we truly want to come unto Christ, we need to develop the attributes he set for us to actually become like him. When we do so, we are telling him that we are willing to accept who he is and what that enabled him to do for us.
Over this last transfer I have been humbled again and again by my companion. Once again, not because of what he tells me or corrects me on, but simply by his own humble attitude. While learning more and more about his background I realize that I have been taking for granted what I have been taught in my youth and should be using here on my mission more. Elder Cofone has told me more than once how he wishes he had stayed in the church and from that been able to learn more about the Gospel to better help those that we come in contact with on the street. He has consistently taught me the principle of using our talents whatever they may be to help those we teach. Once again my faith in the Lord for putting us in the right place at the right time with the right people has been strengthened by this last transfer with Elder Cofone.
I love Mondays because I am able to learn how you have all been the last week and as well relive the wonderful experiences I have as a missionary through my letters home. "Kindness is the essence of Greatness". So go out and do something kind for someone else. That is my challenge and commitment to you!!
With Love,
Elder Fawcett

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