May 16, 2011

Like I said, this last week has been very busy. First off we had the Elder Alan F. Packer fireside as you know, then we had P-Day. The next day half of the mission got together and had a mission Conference with Elder Packer. (you received a picture of it right?) He talked a lot about recognizing the language of the spirit and how we need it desperately as missionaries to really fulfill our calling. Afterwords all of the Chinese missionaries got together and had a Chinese Meeting specifically to talk about effective Language Study, Finding, and Teaching. The meeting was very beneficial for myself because it helped me realize more of what my calling is. I am called to speak Chinese. Not halfway speak Chinese. I need to motivate myself to learn all I can to best help the Chinese people here. I am not fulfilling my full calling. I must say it is somewhat hard with an English speaking companion, but that is no excuse!!

On Friday we had a Chinese activity which I had the tedious task of organizing between four different cities. Lancaster, Liverpool, Preston and Manchester. We took all the Chinese investigators and recent converts along with the missionaries to the Mission Home to have an activity where they could all talk together and have fun to realize that there are many Chinese all over England who are learning about God and Jesus Christ. To help them realize that they are not alone in this process. I must say that it was a very big success and I was happy to be a part of it. President Bullock expressed his thanks once again for all of the Chinese speaking missionaries who are the pioneers of this work. The activity really helped our investigator Sun Wei Di feel the spirit and meet more Chinese Members.

Then of course we had the Baptism and Confirmation of Sun Wei Di. The best part of missionary work taking place. Being able to see the fruits of our labors come forth and see our brother and now friend enter into the waters of baptism. There is not a better sight to behold. One of the Recent Converts who was a big help in the teaching process baptized him which was a blessing in and of itself. Sun will be leaving back to China this week for the summer to be with his family. This for me is the hardest part of missionary service, saying goodbye to someone knowing they know all the essential and basic parts of the Gospel, but not being able to help them much longer beyond that. Especially with the Chinese students who are going back to a place not supported much by the church. I am looking forward to his return to England this Fall to see how he has progressed in the Gospel. Missionary work is great!!

This week in one of my personal studies I came across the line in PMG that said, "You cannot convert somebody beyond your own conversion." Over the week I have pondered that line many times and asked myself how converted am I to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every time I make a mistake whether big or small, it shows that conversion in some part of the Gospel has not fully happened yet. I have learned more and more that as a missionary, my job is to know the Gospel as well as I can, and then be able to communicate and teach that Gospel to someone who has no idea what it is. If I have not truly learnt a principle then I cannot truly teach it with the spirit. In Mosiah Chapter 12 it talks about the importance of first understanding and then keeping a principle of the Gospel. We need to know what it is like living a principle in order to truly teach that principle.
I wanted to give another report on the status of the Chinese work in the Preston area. Over the past month many of the Chinese students have returned back home to China for the Summer and the ones I have talked to said they would be returning sometime at the end of August. Many of the Chinese we have been working with have already left and 3/4 of them will be back in the Fall. By the end of May all of the Chinese that we have worked with, Recent Converts, Formers, and Investigators included will be back in China for the summer. Elder Cofone and I are still taking some time to look for Chinese in the University area but we are starting to spread out into new areas while they are all going home. I must express my appreciation for the opportunity and responsibility I have to work with the Chinese people here in England.

This week has been splendid for both of us is what it seems.  Keep up the good work, and remember who you are and what we are all called to do. Be an example of the believers. I love you all!! Onward & Upward.

Elder Fawcett

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