May 3, 2011

Despite the craziness of the world today, the work here in our mission is going well. Here in Preston we have been blessed to meet and work with many wonderful people these last couple of weeks. The upcoming weeks for us will be hectic as well with President Bullock leaving and a new president coming in in June. There is alot to prepare for. Here are a couple of thoughts and experiences from this week.

This week in my Book of Mormon study I was reading in Mosiah chapter 2. There were two verses that really stuck out to me and I recieved revelation from. They were verses 36-37. These verses said that if at some point we went from knowing certain things to be true and then turned away from them and followed after other principles we would be turning ourselves away from the spirit. Often times people refer to the spirit withdrawing itself from us, but it is the exact opposite. We choose to turn our own life and self away from the spirit. Just like Jesus Christ, the spirit is always there to help us, but we have to be turned the right way in order to take the guidance or direction being given. It also says we become and enemy to God and all righteousness. Why is that? I believe a part of it has to do with the fact that we start to be a bad example for all around us and we are inviting others to follow us.

This week I have learned many new principles from Elder Cofone. I have found that Elder Cofone fits Mosiah 3:19 perfectly in that he is very submissive, humble, and patient. He has been a great strength and example to me of how we as missionaries should act in all situations. He never gets frustrated or mad when things do not go our way. Instead he looks at the bright side and is humble enough to realize that events played out a specific way for a specific reason. He is very willing to learn from everyone and then tries to apply that into his own missionary work. I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve with Elder Cofone. Did I tell you he is a head Chef back home. He cooks for the Zone Leaders and I get to benifit. :)

We have had multiple splendid lessons in a row with one of our investigatos Sun Wei Di. We had been teaching him often for a while and he still had a problem with finding and answer if God is there. In the turning point lesson the key was having a Recent Convert Member come with us and share his own personal experience and conversion to the Gospel. Sun finally realized that everyone recieves answers from God differently and that he had been looking too hard for something very specific. With that members help Sun has now accepted a Baptismal date of the 14 of May. We are excited and feel very blessed for this time we have to teach Sun and help him strengthen his Faith in Jesus Christ.

Did I enjoy the Royal Wedding? Funny that you would ask that. We were actually given permission to watch it. At first I was very confused as to why they would let us do such a thing. When we started watching it at a members house I began to understand. This was huge for England and its culture. Us Americans are so oblivious to what the rest of the world treasures and believe. (At least I am) The Wedding opened my eyes in many ways to what the culture is, why it is important and also about the church of England and how work. I recieve multiple spiritual insights into the church of Jesus Christ and how blessed we are to have the sealings of the temples restored to us today. I was able to go to the temple again yesterday. So blessed. :)

Well family, it was great to write you and fill you in a little bit on the experiences I am having as a missionary. Know that I love you and am constantly praying for you temporal and spiritual welfare. Continue on the path that you have been brought. Straight is the way!! Onward & Upward!!


Elder Fawcett

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