May 9, 2011

These last couple days have been full of spiritually uplifting experiences for myself, my companion and a couple of our investigators. I have been able to learn much from those around me by paying attention to the way they deal with certain ordeals in their lives and experiences that they share with us as missionaries. Recently we were able to have yet another wonderful Zone Conference. The whole Zone Conference was uplifting and inspired me to BE a better missionary. I was pleased with the opportunity to take part in the PMG chase and realized it was not about studying like mad to cram for the chase, but it was the reading and preparation done long in advance that really made the difference. The Preach My Gospel Chase was like a scripture chase with 130 quotes throughout picked by President Bullock. I did pretty well.

This week I learned yet another of Elder Cofone's admirable traits. He is always happy to be a missionary and keeps his sights high by keeping his attitude up. We had an experience the other day when a car drove by us while we were walking along the road. The passengers yelled something out at us which I didn't understand and I turned to Elder Cofone and asked what they said. He replied, "Good Job." Surprised I asked if that was really the case, beaming from ear to ear he said, "Of course not Elder Fawcett, but that is what I heard." We then both had a good laugh about it. We have had more of those experiences since and I can't help but return to that memory and laugh. Elder Cofone is teaching me how to be a joyful missionary.

This week we have seen Sun Wei Di go through much progression. We have had multiple Member Present Lessons with him and he has grown to understand the importance of feeling the spirit when others speak and when he is praying himself. Yesterday after Elder Packer's fireside we were driving home and I asked him how he felt about the Fireside. (Elder Alan Packer from the first quorum of the 70) He said that he really felt good and comfortable with what the speakers were saying. Yet again, he was able to feel of the spirit. We then explained that that is often how the spirit works. We then asked about his upcoming baptism on Saturday and he said that he was a bit nervous but excited because he knows it is a big step that will change his life. He then added, for the good. Oh how I love being a missionary and seeing an investigator like Sun Wei Di progress from not knowing God to understanding what he needs to do to live with him again.

I wish you all a wonderful week full of great learning experiences and smiling faces. I love you all!! Doubt not, Fear not. D&C 6:33-37.

Elder Fawcett

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