August 25, 2011

I don't have very much time this week at all due to the craziness of this transfer, so bear with me... The exciting news first is that I have been transferred as was expected. I am now serving in Stretford in the Heart of Manchester with Elder Chan again. It is strange to think that just 3 months ago I was sitting on the Isle of Man for the first time telling you of the crazy new adventure I was about to have. Now I am back on the mainland in a foreign feeling environment. I have felt quite out of place these past two days. Going from the peaceful, Serene, small of the Island to the Loud, noisy, big of Manchester. I can't say I am happy about the two differences. But of course there are many pros being here. One is that I am surrounded by thousands of Chinese and as well I am serving with a Chinese companion again.

A surprising event occurred with transfers when both Elder Tellem and I were transferred and sisters are now on the Isle of Man. I don't know why but it feels weird to think that the people we were teaching are now being taught by sisters. It is just different. Elder Tellem was not too happy about being transferred after only one transfer on the Isle. I feel for him. The ward and the place is just absolutely fabulous and I look forward to going back there again to see everyone. It was really hard leaving Kris. I knew him for the full time there on the Isle. We will be keeping in contact via snail mail though. Tanya Dobbie was going to send all my pictures to you. So if you did not get them you can look her up and ask her about it. She would be more than happy to talk to you. She is an absolutely incredible person who is very missionary minded. Such a great person.

I am happy to hear that the family is doing well in all aspects of life and you are enjoying yourselves. I don't know if you have any idea how much you as my family just being my family has helped me on my mission. Sometimes I have rough days where nothing is going right and I get a little down. Then I think about you as my family and think of how much you do care about me and love me and if you were here you would be encouraging me all the way (or maybe just telling me to buck up and get on with it. :)) It honestly gives me more courage to carry happily along doing the work. So thank you for that support once again.

These next couple of transfers will be interesting ones full of new experiences once more. We as a companionship have been and will be Chinese Hunters. Meaning there are so many Chinese that we walk down the streets and only stop the Chinese people to talk to them unless none of them are in sight. Such a difference than the Isle. One day you will have to come back with me and see the difference in person. Email is great to live these experiences through, but it is just not the same if you know what i mean. :) I look forward to the continued progression of Chinese for myself here in these 6 weeks.

I will be serving specifically in the YSA ward here in Manchester which will be completely different. I have been told there are about 60 YSA on a good day and that it is hard to get them out fellowshipping because they all live so far away. The ward covers two stakes of YSA so they come from all over and most of them are attending university so they are quite busy with classes and everything. The challenge we will face is that the church is so far away for all the Chinese students to get there on their own so none of them want to come. We will have to find some way for them to be excited enough to go. Haha

Short I know, but I have to close. Thank you for the email this week, it was fully of juicy information and I enjoyed reading it. Keep having fun and loving life. Live, Learn, and Love.

Onward & Upward,

Elder Fawcett

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