August 31, 2011

Manchester is just a Mixing Pot with so many different cultures and people here. The other day we were able to teach a man from Africa who only spoke French and had little English. He understood ok and fortunately had his french Bible with him. We used his own bible to teach him about prophets, Jesus Christ, Priesthood Authority and other principles of the Gospel. I felt really good teaching out of a bible to help him understand our message. I feel that because of that he was very willing to set up a return appointment. Now all we need to get is a French Book of Mormon.
I am happy as well for the time I will have to speak Chinese. Now once again I need all the discipline necessary to speak only Chinese. Honestly I don't feel that I will have too many other chances to be with a Chinese speaking companion again after this transfer, let alone a Native speaker so I need to utilize the time I have now. Don't ask me why I feel that way because I am not sure, I just do. We have been working with a Chinese student named CiCi who will be going home to China on the 11 of Sep. We had a lesson with her when she told us that she did not feel that she was ready to be baptized here in England, but that she goes to Hong Kong fairly often and could get baptized there.

I had mixed feelings about this because I know how little to no support there is in China for the church especailly if you are not a member of the church already. A question I wanted to pose to all of you again to ponder is: Is it better to baptize someone who is not quite ready for baptism but will not have much if any opportunity later in their lives, or wait for the future or even after this life for them to hear the gospel "In its fullness?" We feel that she is as ready as she needs to be in order to make that covenant, but she does not. More likely than not, she will not be getting baptized but I do feel that she does have a good understanding as well as a desire to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized when she is more fully prepared to her standards. I hope and pray.

This past week I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have had to spend with Elder Chan here in Manchester. What a change of pace and focus it has been and I love it. Elder Chan was my companion over four transfers ago and it has been amazing to see the progress he has made since then. I think that is one of the most rewarding points of a mission. The progression in all its forms whether it be with your investigator, your companions, or yourself. As we received the new Christlike Attributes Pamphlet with the focus on Becoming a Sacred missionary I couldn't help but think of the progression of Elder Chan once more. He is doing wonderful and is still looking to improve because he understands that that is what this life is all about. Improving ourselves and BECOMING what our Heavenly Father wants us to become.

I appreciated the time that we had for this Zone Conference to go on the Church History Tour and seeing a little bit more about our predecessors and the work they did. It was also interesting to go back to my two previous areas of Liverpool and Preston (we also went to Downham) and once again I reflected back on the changes that have happened in myself and others since then. I absolutely loved the time that we were able to spend together as missionaries to feel of each others strength and testimonies. I feel that it is a very rare thing in the world today where you can find a greater or larger group of people all united in such a noble and worthy cause. It amazes me every time we get together and learn from each other. Singing hymns on the way back to Stretford was a fabulous way to end the journey, singing until our throats could sing no more.

For myself I feel that I am coming to a point where I now need to start reaching and striving for an even higher level of work and dedication. All things are done by small and simple steps as we learn in Alma and as we do so we are climbing that ladder to were we need to be as disciples of Christ. As we know, when you stop trying to progress forward you end up going backward and that is definitely something I do not want to do, especially as a missionary and servant of the Lord. I am extremely grateful for this time to bless the lives of other and to continue to learn while following the example that Jesus Christ has set for us. "In order to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, we need to discipline."

Good luck with this continued week and have fun!!!

Love you,

Elder Fawcett

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