December 5, 2011

The work is going well here in Preston despite the business of the students schedule here at Uclan University. We have been able to teach a number of new investigators who are YSA this past week and it feels good to see curiosity or the desire to know in some students here. At this time the Chinese work is a little slow because of their focus on school work. (Sounds like everyone in the world is busy with some kind of paper or other.) But we shall succeed in teaching them when the Christmas break comes!

I had the great opportunity this past week to go on exchange with Elder Cunningham and learn from him in Stretford. It felt good to go back to the Manchester Area and speak to so many Chinese students. Probably my favorite part of the exchange was the chance I had to get to know Elder Cunningham better. My whole mission I heard he was a very good missionary but I had never served around him. Now I have and I agree, he is a very talented and diligent missionary. We were also able to see miracles happen as we taught two on the spot lessons and set up a few other appointments. I feel that one of his greatest strengths is understanding his role as an Assistant and as well always striving his best to help all other missionaries.

Just this morning I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission and I had the blessing of gaining an even stronger testimony of its divinity. I must honestly say, that of any principle of the gospel or other part, my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon are the strongest. They as testaments of Jesus Christ stabilize my personal resolution to be a missionary and to be a follower of Jesus Christ. I loved reading Mormon Chapter 9 this time around as many principles stood out to me. Moroni explains very plainly that those who do not believe in God are those who have not tried. He promises that as we read from the Book of Mormon we are able to know for ourselves that it is true, that God is their and that he is a God of Miracles. It is one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon now.

This week I have been able to learn a very important principle and see the Lords hand in our work. As a Zone Leader with more responsibilities it seems that there is always something small that we have to be doing here or there. Also with me taking driving lessons we lose precious time. With all of these things taking place we have had little time this week and yet we ended up having a very good week in regards to Key Indicators except for the fact that we did not have anyone at church. It has taught me that when we work according to the law of particles, God blesses us for our efforts. When we put in all we can he can and will make up the rest. Blessings poured out from the windows of heaven. Have an amazing week everyone and smile!

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