November 28, 2011

This past week has been a great one that went far too fast. Elder Moss and I are still getting our feet settled a bit and finding out what the most effective way to work is, so all is well for us. We are still trying to figure out how much time we should spend between Chinese "Hunting" and going out to less touched places. The last week the Sisters and ourselves have been able to find a number of new investigators most of which being Chinese which we are happy about. At the same time we know that the number of Chinese Potential Investigators is only so big and we don't want to hit them too hard. It is always about the Balance in the work and we are looking for it.

We were able to have a great Ward Coordination meeting with our Ward Mission Leader. Something that we are trying to set up here in Preston is Chinese/YSA activities. The combined Preston and Chorley Stake YSA met in the Preston Chapel on Thursday and we were able to have 4 investigators there and 6 Chinese students in all in attendance. They all loved it and want to be able to do that again so we are searching for ideas of how we can get a fairly set once a month activity for the YSA but the Chinese in particular. They love their activities, especially when that includes speaking to native English speakers.

I have really enjoyed serving with Elder Moss these past two weeks. I would say the best thing about him is his ability to think outside the box, not worrying about numbers but worrying about being effective in the work. He, like many realize the importance of numbers to gauge success but at the same time realizes that many things that work are not accounted for in the Key Indicators and are not effected as such until weeks later. We have enjoyed the time to play some investigator Basketball, have a Chinese Tea (Dinner) provided by 5 Chinese Young Women and spending some time building a relationship with New Investigators while cooking food. All of these activities have been extremely beneficial in building our relationship with others which in turn will help them come unto Christ. Thinking outside the box is the best way to do the work!

In order to answer a question from Carisa, my responsibilities of a Zone Leader usually mean making sure that all the other Missionaries in the Zone are doing well. This means we sometimes run errands, take many more phone calls and make sure everyone is doing their best. At the end of the day we have the same missionary proselyting responsibilities as anyone else, just a little bit less time to reach the standards. The best part about the Calling of a Zone Leader is that you can have a greater impact on the missions success as you work with your companion in Unity and show that love and service to the other missionaries. Knowing you can always rely on your companion is an amazing thing to say the least, it takes a lot of the pressure and stress off of the work. Going from a new missionary who speaks no English to a talented veteran is quite the change. Having a car is nice as well. :) Also we can spend more time with the other missionaries in our Zone as we go on Exchanges.

I must say that Life is Good, because the Gospel is True. No matter how hard the day was in terms of weather, persecution or disappointments, we always know and can say that the Gospel is STILL true! Never forget that my family. No matter what happens in life, having a knowledge of God's plan and love for us not only makes us happy, but can help us to become better and have a better life. Keep up the great work and especially the love you have for each other. If we don't have people in our lives, what DO we have? Have a splendid week going into December!

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