February 20, 2012

The Baptisms of Steven Dai, Gump Zhao, and Amy Jiang were yet another
amazing experience to be a part of. I can't express my feelings via
speaking let alone writing. I feel extremely honored to be a part of
this great work. Seeing these three baptized and then confirmed
affirms my testimony of this work and the ability it has to bring
happiness and peace to all people who are willing to learn and live
it. All three of the teaching processes were not very quick, but I
feel that all three are firm and dedicated in their conviction to
follow the example of Jesus Christ by now enduring to the end. It
continues to amaze me to see the difference in the Chinese work now
from what it was a year ago. I was once again pondering the importance
of other members with the same background fellowshiping investigators
into the church. Without this already established group of Chinese the
work would not be going forward as well as it is. Now the we have this
foundation, all the Chinese will have a greater chance at
understanding and then accepting the gospel in their lives. There is
no greater work than this!!

Having recieved the AUF names this past week we were astonished to see
that the Liverpool ward had 61 names and 1281 doors to tract. After
distributing them out between the three companionships we were all
left with an average of 20 people to find. Elder Okeson and I looked
at each other and were wondering how we were going to manage to find
time to go to these far away areas to speak to these people. We have
been very busy with teaching investigators and Recent Converts and
have had barely enough time even for them. Now we need to make time
for these people as well? Then our testimony of this program and work
was confirmed to us last night. After stopping by and teaching a LA
AUF named Stuart Bailey and commited him to come to church we made our
way to the first new AUF.

In an hour and a half we knocked a total of 4 doors. I made a mistake
and knocked one door to the left of the AUF. So we had a QGC and then
he let us in the door. After speaking to him and setting up a future
time to teach him we knocked on the right door. Unfortunately she was
not interested in the Church and does not want to see us again. So we
proceeded to knock the 10 doors on the left. We met an uninterested
man and then the fourth door we had another QGC and were let in the
door. President, people are being prepared to hear the message and
seeking the people on the AUF list are helping us to find them. Elder
Okeson and I know that this program is inspired and that it will bring
miracles if we will just allow it to. Lets just say that we will be
making more time to complete this work knowing that it is what God
wants us to do. Find the Lost Sheep and speak to all those on the

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