February 13, 2012

Well The start of another transfer is underway and we are excited what we were able to speak about at Zone Leader Council and as well District Leader Council. We feel that we were able to counsel well together as to how we can not only help the mission progress but specifically our Zone. As we discussed together we ended up making our Zone Transfer Focus under the Title of "Expect the Unexpected." We feel that missionaries as a whole need to start expecting miracles every day as they go out and diligent seek those that are ready to hear the Gospel. As we start truly expecting the unexpected we will be more positive and optimistic always expecting the Lord to fill in the Gaps that we leave while we put all our effort in. Sometimes I feel that we get into a rut of the way things are done or need to be done and then we don't think we can do anything else different and we start expecting less. That being said, Elder Okeson and I are excited for this transfer and the miracles that we expect to see in our Zone in the upcoming weeks.

Something that has been heavily weighing on my mind recently is what President Preston mentioned at the Zone Leader Council. About the Area Presidency taking an interest in the Chinese work here in the England Manchester Mission and especially here in Liverpool. For the second week in a row we had 21 Chinese people at church on Sunday and the Chinese Gospel Principles class went even better than last time as we smoothed out some of the rough edges from last week. Thinking that they might want to make a Chinese Group here in Liverpool is very exciting! Thinking that all the work we have been doing for the past year and a half has been successful and we are seeing the fruits or our labors. In thinking that, I realized that we need the Recent Converts that we have now to be strengthened even more so than they are now so that they can carry the load that would be placed on them. We feel we have not been working with them as much as we should have.

Elder Okeson and I have been thinking of plans that we can put into action to see them strengthened. We need to spend more time nourishing the new members before we bring too many more in. I really believe that the Chinese activity we had on January 28th and the Fireside we are planning for March 17th will be great starts to this goal we have. I am loving the work here in Liverpool right now. There are many great souls who have entered the Church and there are more that are waiting for us to find them. Recently I have been very grateful for the support of the ward, especially the support of Bishop Murphy. I know that he is extremely busy with his schooling and being a husband and on top of that we magnifies his calling every day. I feel the great concern he has for the welfare of those we bring to church and those that are already in the church. It is amazing to have such a devoted Bishop who is doing all he can to help the work move forward. Though young he is wise beyond his years, which comes with the calling he has been called to. Whom the Lord calls, the Lord Qualifies.

Life really is Good, I love the service I am a part of. And I love the Chinese people!!! Keep building your own personal skills and keep smiling!!! Good luck with everything this week from, travel, work, school and play!

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