February 8, 2012

We have 4 dated for baptism along with another in the Liverpool ward. Steven Dai- His date is Feb. 18 A chinese student here in Liverpool. His date has been pushed back a couple of times and he is now very anxious to be baptized. He said "before when I was not sure about being baptized I could get baptized every week, and now that I want to get baptized there are things coming up all over the place that make it hard, I am so ready for next week."

Gump Yi- His date is Feb. 24 Gump is the husband of a Recent Convert named Jacqueline Ye. He has been to church now for over 3 months straight and he is completely prepared. He still feels like he needs more preparation but he truly is the most prepared person I have taught on my mission. He is completely devoted and dedicated to joining the church. His wife is a big help in preparing him as well while making sure that it is his choice and not hers.

Max Guo- His date is Mar. 18 Max is a Chinese student who is roommates with a Recent Convert. He has finally decided on a date and is looking forward to being baptized. He also talks about how he wants his girlfriend to be baptized with him, but as of yet we have not met her. Max loves reading Gospel Principles but has a hard time with reading from the Book of Mormon. He has made friends with one of the YSA Nathan Gill and they sit together in Sacrament meeting.

Sister Chuo & Longmore are teaching:

Amy Jiang- Amy is also a Chinese student who has had her date pushed back a couple of times because of lack of commitment when it comes to church attendance. Her testimony is strong but has a hard time putting church over her school work. She is very nice and has great friends in the church. She has also gone out fellowshiping which has really strengthened her own testimony. She is committed to being baptized and is ready to follow Jesus Christ.

This past transfer has been one of miracales and of success. I have truly loved every minute of it especially the time I have had to serve with Elder Eggers. Honestly I feel that Elder Eggers and I were completely unified in all aspects of the work and we became true friends. We were able to work together to build each other up, the area up and all of Chinese work as a whole. Like I said, the Activity brought a lot of stress but with it we learned much and we wouldn't have changed it one bit. Also during the stressful time Elder Eggers and I were able to come closer together which I will always be grateful for. Saying that I am sad to see him go but am looking forward to this new transfer with a new companion who also speaks Chinese. I don't know much about Elder Okeson, but I surely will after a couple of weeks. The success and miracles are ready to continue throughout this transfer.

I would say that the greatest thing about this past transfer as a whole was the complete concentration and consecration to the Chinese people here in Liverpool and in the Mission as well. Something I have never done before was to devote all of my time and attention to the Chinese investigators. I feel because of that focus we have seen great miracles and I feel that we are fully fulfilling our calling as Chinese speaking missionaries. As of now we have four Chinese investigators dated in our companionship and five in the Liverpool ward. At church on Sunday we had 21 Chinese people!!! That sight brought so much joy and gladness into our hearts that we have been so excited to continue this work to help the Chinese not only recieve the restored gospel, but to see the difference that it can make in their lives. I absolutely love the Recent Converts here in Liverpool, they are such a great help and support to those who we bring to church, absolutely incredible.

I feel now more than ever that my Chinese needs to improve in the next few months because I need to use the language even after my mission. My love of the Language and the people has grown so much that I can't stop thinking of how I could possibly use the language in the future to help the 20% of the population of the world that speak Chinese to know about the Gospel. In Preach My Gospel Chapter 7 it says that we have to master the language now and even after our missions. The Lord has invested much in me by giving me these experiences, now I need to continue to improve and do my best. It is fantastic to see all of the principles I have been able to learn on my mission thus far from different experiences and as well as the principles I will continue to learn as I progress in the Gospel while serving the people living here in England.

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