May 14, 2012

It has been a great week here in Liverpool and to top it all off was the wonderful opportunity to speak to you my family! I must say that I am very grateful for the support you have been while I have been on my mission thus far. The whole conversation was very uplifting and much of it of a spiritual matter keeping the thoughts focused and centered around the Lords work (No distractions). It is always helpful when your family does this, I have seen the other side for other missionaries which is often difficult for them. So thank you for that help! Well I don't have too much to share either because I as well spoke to you yesterday, but here the habit goes...
Something that I had the opportunity to do more here in Liverpool this past week was tracting. Being a Chinese speaking missionary we rarely spend time tracting because all of the Chinese are in the Streets near the universities or city centers. But due to the AUF program, (looking for members who are lost sheep but have been found through different means and methods) we are making an emphasis on getting them done, we spent three nights of the past week tracting. To be honest it was quite refreshing to be able to do something new and speak with many English people. I love the time during tracting, because while you do so it gives you more time to think and speak to your companion whereas bus contacting and street contacting don't. While you are waiting for someone to answer the door it gives you time to reflect on what just happened at the last door, or something that happened previously during the day, or things going on in the Zone that you can speak to your companion about or simply ponder in your head.

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving with Elder Cai over the past week and a half. You barely recieved a taste of what he is like from yesterdays conversation, but maybe you will get more in the future. To be honest, he is kind of strange. Haha In a good way though. I would say our relationship or friendship is coming along nicely. One of our biggest strengths is that we are constantly talking about something. Whether it be what to do to help the ward, what our investigators need to learn, or what the Zone needs for the next weeks weekly focus. I must say that Elder Cai certainly keeps things interesting and there is never a dull moment with him around. One of his greatest strengths is his understanding of when to be serious, (he is very good at that) but as well he has a sense of humour and is definitely a long ways away from being a robot. I look forward to the rest of this transfer or more that we are together to learn from each other while serving the people around us and ultimately serving the Lord.

We went on Exchanges twice this past week and I was fortunate enough to go with Elder Stubbs from Australia and Elder Burgoyne from Taylorsville Utah. I believe one of the ultimate gauges of success from an exchange is the amount of developed or strengthened relationship between you and the other missionary. I would say that my relationship with Elder Stubbs is better, and now my relationship with Elder Burgoyne is fantastic compared with what it used to be, I just never had a chance to get to know him. That is why I love exchanges, no matter how much you are working around someone, you never get to really develope a relationship until you work together. Both missionaries are older when it comes to a mission life which means I was able to gain more tools and advice from them that they have gained over the course of their missions. Elder Stubbs is very good at expressing his thanks and making sure to use the knowledge he has, while Elder Burgoyne is a very happy and optomistic missionary.

Well, that is pretty much all I can muster at the moment. Just remember I love you and I really enjoyed speaking to you yesterday. Keep working hard and looking up during this difficult time of decisions. Always Onward and Upward!

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