May 21, 2012

The most exciting thing that happened to me this week? Well it didn't happen to me really, more so to Elder Cai. And maybe it isn't really exciting, more just annoying than anything, but we were egged. :) Both Elder Cai and I will agree that chaves are extremely annoying. Who walks around with eggs in their pockets looking for someone or something to throw them at? Elder Cai was hit and splattered pretty well so we had to go back to the flat for him to change. That is the third time I have had eggs thrown at my general direction (meaning at me and my companion) Fortunately I have never really been hit. Luckily my computer is on a wooden table.

This week I have been pondering about the principle of Covenanting with God the actions we take. As members of the church we make covenants as we are baptized and at different stages of our life. We do this in order to show God our greater commitment, as well so that we can recieve the promised blesings that come from making and keeping this covenants. More recently though I have been thinking about the personal covenants we can make with God on a daily basis. We have the ability and opportunity when we pray to make our own personal commitments and covenants. For example, as missionaries before we leave the flat we may set a goal and then in our prayer covenant to God that we will do all we can in order to reach that goal and then ask for his help to accomplish it. I have seen that the more we make these small personal covenants and then do all we can to achieve and fulfill our part, the more we will succeed and in doing so come closer to God.

Over this past week we have continued with the AUF program spending all of our "non-teaching" time centered on knocking on these specific peoples doors and those around them. In doing so we were blessed to see many miracles that has helped Elder Cai and myself to realize how inspired this program is. We have seen many blessings of teaching people on the spot and then setting up appointments with others. Just yesterday at one AUF location we taught two on the spot lessons and set up an additional three appointments. The actual AUF was the wrong person, but because we set our sights on those around as well we were able to see miracles. The AUF program really gets you to places in your area that you would not go to otherwise or that other missionaries have not been to for a long time. We love it. The best part is that all the people we teach and set up appointments with we hand over to Elders Zakharov and Jenei (in a different area of the Liverpool ward area). Another great opportunity to help build up others and their areas.

Something that Elder Cai and I have not agreed on this week is the question of when to drop someome, meaning to stop meeting with and teaching them. Because of this difference in opinion it has given me the opportunity to think of that question on a deeper level. (See looking on the brightside. :)) If people are willing to meet with you, willing to come to church and willing to read sometimes but are not willing to pray what do you do? That is just one scenario and situation, there are many others that there can be. It all comes down to our purpose as missionaries and the investigators willingness to keep commitments. The biggest problem for me is the factor of relationship. The longer you meet with someone the greater your relationship with them will be and the more they will know about the Gospel, meaning the more opportunity to act. The problem is that it makes it so that when you comtemplate whether or not to drop them, you have personal strings attached to the situation which makes it harder to let go. So what is your opinion. If someone is willing to come to meet with you and come to church, but have a hard time with reading and praying should you drop them? I know it is a hard question especially because you don't have a full understanding of the situation, but I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions. I guess the important question is, is our time spent with them helping them build faith in Jesus Christ? Think about it get back to me.

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