September 28, 2010

This week was pretty good, nothing to special. I am getting along better with my companion most of the time so that is great, the District is still awesome and we are learning some good things in here. SYL?? Well more so than when we got here, but still not as much as I would like, it is more of a group effort than a individual effort. You learn so much more when everyone is speaking the language and not just yourself. It is true though that it helps so much, but I need to do better. It is really hard to SYL when you don't know that many everyday words. Everything you learn is about the gospel, so those words are not that helpful in everyday cafeteria vocab. I am learning a lot, not quite as much as I would like, but it is coming. The older set of missionaries are leaving next Monday or so, so we will be solo for a week and then we will be the older group of Elders. It is crazy how fast the time flies, though it has only been three or so weeks. Jeff comes on this Wednesday and I am super stoked!!!!! I can't wait to see him. Then Maryssa's sister is coming in two weeks from now.
About my companion... He is a great elder and I think we would be great friends outside of the MTC or Mission Field, but here it is hard to get super close because he doesn't really like it here and is having a hard time learning the Language and it is kind of pulling me down a bit, which is also partly my fault. We don't get super mad at eachother or anything, but we don't get along as well as companions should. He doesn't like some of the rules and likes following them even less, so sometimes it gets frustrating. You have always told me that I would be learning patience on my mission, and oh that is so true. I am sure it is good for me.
This last Saturday we watched a talk by David A Bednar that no one besides people in the MTC can watch because it was a previous MTC fireside, I thought it was amazing. He talked about Arkansas and being stake president. It made me miss Arkansas and you guys a bit. It was really a great talk about the spirit and knowing when it is the spirit. All the firesides and Devotionals are really good, though sometimes they do get somewhat repetitive. 
So, I will tell you just a little bit about the things that have happened this week. Everything is great. Got a hair cut, shortere than I have ever had on purpose, so that is new. I am horrible at using a camera I found out. I have taken a whole 5 pictures since being here. So I need to learn how to be more productive with that. 
I am singing in the Priesthood session of General Conference and am really stoked for it. I know not too many people have that opportunity, so I feel super blessed. We are singing Called to serve, Hark all ye nations, and go ye messangers of Heaven. I am so excited to get out of this little bubble for a bit and go to general conference. I have not done that too much, let alone sing in it. So I am really really excited.
And something not so cool, I was just called to be the new District Leader for our District, of course I accepted, but truthfully I really don't want that right now. Just because not everyone liked the old district leader so much so they are kind of expecting me to do better. They were all saying that they really wanted me to be the new one and I was like, um no thank you! I don't like leadership roles so much, sometimes I think people get too distracted by power and authority that comes with leadership positions and it destracts away from our point of being on a mission. To serve and bring others to christ. I will do they best I can, but I am not looking forward to it so much.
I love you all so much and thank you for your support. I would also like to say I love you specifically to Grandma and Grandpa Fawcett and Grandma Mackley and their examples in my life. They mean so much to me right now. and will always have a big spot in my heart. Love you all, be safe, know that I love you, and wish you well.
Love Elder Fawcett.

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