January 24, 2010

Yes Dad it is true, with 1 hour of computer time in the library sometimes it is hard to find enough time to write to the family after writing to the President and then reading the emails that I have received from the previous week. I also realized last week that I am filling some of my emails with information that is not necessarily useful, worthwhile, or informative. So, I have recommited to sending out better uplifting emails for the family to read. Also feel free to let me know what you want to know specifically or don't want to know at all and then I will write accordingly.
Lets see, the two investigators that we are teaching at the moment are a young man named Luke and a Chinese student named Angela. Luke we have taught twice and he has come to church. With him it is a bit hard because he is young at 18 and somewhat immature. He is very intellectual but doesn't always know what to do with that intellect. He had some good comments in church and seemed apt to learn, the only problem is he doesn't know how much he wants to know if there is a God. Our focus is to help him understand why a knowledge of Gods existence would be beneficial for him in his life.
Angela is a Chinese student who is very bright, has great English, wants to know more but is super busy with school and exams at the moment. We taught her once and she had many great questions and was very interested. We then ran into her on the street two days in a row and were able to find out that she had been reading a little and praying to know. She said that she felt great when she prayed, calm, happy and confident for her tests. She said that she thinks it helped her on her exams. I know it did. She is somewhat of a flirt which you really have to watch out for because we don't want to become the wrong kind of friends to investigators. Overall, after this week is over we should be able to teach more chinese students. Yeah!!!
Why do we get dropped? Whew, great question. Depends on a number of variables why certain investigators drop us. The week that we had double digit new investigators they were almost all college age students. The reason they drop us is becuase of fear of change and lack of commitment and true lack of a broad vision of what this could mean for them. Also they are not willing to take the time to actually see if it IS true. They key in conversion is the BOM and of they are not willing to read the BOM themselves they are certainly not going to find out that it is true, and if they never do that, we as a church are not much different than any other.
Loss of contact is another factor in losing investigators. After you teach them the first time, you really really really need to teach them no later than 2 days later. To do so will mean too much time for the adversary to distract them from the real importance of our message. Rarely do we see a person again if they set up an appointment for the next week at the same time. Constant contact is what brings the people the spirit everyday. Also people are just too "busy". If I had a dollar every time someone told me they were to busy I would be very rich. :)
The saddest thing is that people do not know God and could care less if he WAS there. Everyone is about me me me. They say they want to be happy and they do what THEY think is right to make them happy. Some people are happy without God, but that is because they don't know what more happiness they could have. I don't blame any of them, this world has been raised up to have no belief in God. Why should they listen to people who do. Sometimes I wonder if I would have accepted God if I was not born a member of this church. Fortunatley I was and do know that God lives and loves us. Now to find out how to let other people find out for themselves that he is there....
Have a great week my wonderful Family!!
Elder Fawcett

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