November 18, 2011

We have just been really really busy these past two days. You will never guess where I am right now. Why? Because I never would have guessed it. I should know by now from the past 4 transfers that anything is possible and I should not be surprised by anything. Alas, I was surprised to find out that I would be RETURNING to Preston! And now here I am, in Preston. In the same library, on the same computer as six months ago.

I had already been here for 3 transfers if you had forgotten, so I don't know why I am back here. Especially since I am back here with Elder Moss! If you remember I served with him for one transfer here in Preston. Between us both we have been in Preston 6 transfers, veterans is what you would call it. :) And we are Whitewashing!!! Meaning, two elders left and we came in, so we don't know anything about the people or the situations or anything. What an adventure!! Fortunately the circumstances will be different this time around and I will end up loving it here. We really need to figure out more of what we are doing here and who we will be teaching. Everything won't feel back to normal for a couple of weeks at least. We will See how it goes.

The past two weeks seem like a blur to me now and it has only been two days here in Preston. Sometimes I think my brain doesn't work quite right. I do know that the past two weeks were very successful and I was able to learn much from Elder Cai and the way he goes about the work. It was absolutely crazy to live in a 6 man flat for two weeks. It was really fun to be with so many missionaries all the time, but at the same time it made it hard to really be productive. There was always someone asking you a question at night or something else. I must say it was a very good experience to have though, I really enjoyed it.

This past week I was able to go on Exchange with Elder Merl which was a great blessing to me. He has been one of the greatest examples to me and one of my best friends here on my mission. We were able to spend some last time together teaching and finding and helping others to come unto Christ. I was sad to say goodbye to him for a while as he went home yesterday. He has always taught me that even though he was not the best at being patient it was a very important thing to master. We both were helping each other to work on it. It is getting to the point in my mission that at the end of every transfer I will be very sad to see one of my good friends leave. It is just a reminder to me of the shoes we have to fill to keep this mission at the same level and then some.

It was a great shock to me to be called back to Preston, I didn't think that I would be coming back here while I was on my mission. The whole situation seems very strange to us but something that Elder Moses said summed it all up. The changes seem so illogical that they must be revelation. :) I think that is one of the greatest things about missionary work. We know that President Preston is the person receiving revelation for the mission and so we know we are supposed to be somewhere for a reason, now all Elder Moss and I have to do is find out why. We are a little lost right now with the Whitewash, but are looking forward to working here and being with the ward again.

Yesterday Elder Moss and I were able to give a training on how to teach and train the Members to be members and not teach members to be missionaries. As they act like true members of the church, the missionary work follows along quickly. Something that I am worried about here in Preston is that there are not many Chinese people here compared to Manchester and Liverpool and there is a Sister missionary who just got to Preston as well who is from Mainland China. Between the two of us, the Chinese population will be hit pretty good real quick. It makes me wonder what role I have here in Preston at the moment. Like I said earlier, I need to find that out. Elder Moss and I will be very busy with other things as well so hopefully we can work around the obstacles that may come. I am extremely excited to be back here in Preston to see Sun Wei Di again!! Remember he was a recent convert 6 months ago when I was last here!! Woohoo. Tomorrow we have a baptism of an Indian student that we don't know at all, but it will be great anyways!! :)

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