November 21, 2012

Elder Moss and I are getting settled in here in Preston and things are going well. We essentially have a clean slate of people to work with now that Smit has been baptized, and we are excited to be able to find the people we have planned for December. We have been focused on finding and teaching the Chinese people and because both of us have been here before we remember a few of the houses where Chinese students used to live so we have knocked by them and have found success. For us it seems to be more of a Greywash than a Whitewash. We know the area too well to really be confused about anything. Haha

Something that I mentioned last week that I have seen even more so in the past three days is that there are not as many Chinese people here in Preston and I am worried about the amount of people there will be for us and the Sisters as well to teach. Elder Moss and I have been talking about it, and we figure that because I will be going on exchanges to all the other areas much of our time will not be spent in the University area which should alleviate some of the stress of two companionships contacting there all day every day. We have also been looking at areas farther out that would be good for us to go and tract because we feel that they have not been contacted in a while. Fortunately we have a car and it is easier to get out there this time around.

Something that was wonderful for Elder Moss and I to experience was seeing two of our Recent Converts from 6 months ago come to church. Wayne Sommerville and Sun Wei Di. I was ecstatic to see them come to church and see how they were doing. We look forward to working with them and the rest of the ward in the future. Elder Moss and I are really excited for this transfer and the work that we will be able to do together in the next 6 weeks. It is great to already know Elder Moss fairly well and for us to already get along at the beginning of the transfer, now we can focus on strengthening our relationship. He is a hard worker and at the same time has fun in every situation. He is a missionary that I love being around.

Other interesting facts about Elder Moss: He was born in somewhere, but is from Chicago. Right before he left on his mission his family moved to Kirtland Ohio. Similar to my situation. He lived there for about 3 months and left. So he tells everyone he is from Chicago. Personally I think he just tells everyone that because no one else besides members know where Kirtland is. He absolutely loves Basketball and is good at it. He always asks the Chinese if they want to play basketball with us. It is a good idea except it is too cold for the Chinese to come out and play. They are soft... He is 6' 4" He went to Utah State University and is constantly telling me it is better than BYU. I don't agree... It is something that we can debate about in a friendly manner. :) I obviously win...

Well I wasn't going to tell you because you will be hearing later by letter is what I am told but because you asked specifically, was called this transfer to be a Zone Leader so we are much busier than I used to be. We give trainings at Zone Conferences and Trainings and go on exchanges with all the District Leaders in our Zone and other things like that. A plus side to all of this responsibility is that we have a car which makes travel much easier. Also, it means that I have a companion who I know I can absolutely rely on to be the best he can be and I don't have to worry about him. Also we are able to get to know the other Elders in the Zone much better than before. Overall it is a very good experience for me to become more responsible and as well more personable with others. (something that I am not very good at I have noticed.) I am too blunt sometimes when bluntness and to the point is not needed. Like you said, a greater growing experience.

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